australian limited edition connexion!

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Bladeagotchi will no longer be updated from the start of 2012, as I lost nearly my entire collection in the floods of 2011. Bladeagotchi is now archived and kept online for historical purposes only.

The special and rare Limited Edition Connexion. It's a Version One and was released only in Australia.

Tamagotchi Connexion Special Limited Edition Exclusive

Pictured above is the Toys R Us Australia limited edition Version One Tamagotchi Connexion. I think it's supposed to be a Giraffe pattern (the Toys R Us mascot is a giraffe), but most people call it the 'Camouflage' design.

It's an Australia/Asia-Pacific Version One Connexion, they were only available only in Toys R Us stores in Australia, and rumour has it that only 1000 were produced. They were available around March and April 2005. They have a gold sticker on the packaging, similar to the own shown below.

Tamagotchi Connexion Version 1 Australia Asia Pacific Limited Edition Sticker

There are also Limited Edition Version Two Tamagotchi Connexions.

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