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This page has been archived and will no longer be updated.

On Tuesday, 14th October 2003, MSN closed down all Australian chat rooms (known locally in Australia as NineMSN) and most of the others on its servers around the world.

"The Lounge" was one of the official chat rooms in the General Forum category (the other being 'EspressoBar'), and this page is dedicated to all the regular chatters ('regs') from the Lounge - their names appear below as a Roll of Honour.

Due to MSN/NineMSN Profiles and MSN Spaces also being shut down, the links that used point to the chatters public profile - only a few chatters gave their permission for this - have been removed. Please note that I was only able to convert and hard code a few of the fancy nicknames we used into the page in time just before the room closed, so the rest will just appear in plain text. Some of the chatters I didn't see in the in the leadup to the closure so I was going by memory. Sorry!

The "Regs" (regular chatters)

_ « B L Ä Ð É » _ aussie (Blade) M® ŠÑÅK€¥®  (Mr Snakey)
¯°•ŊεÕ•°¯    (Neo) ٠۰۰βεΧχ۰۰۰ (Bec)
Cuppas «∙∞΅ģζϊđε΅∞∙» (Glide)
Fluffy Duck «-»₣яэd«-»_  (Fred)
•°°LųvTą††§°°•  (LuvTatts) Dream Haven
Phunken d0®K   (Dork)
Marky ەBuZzYە'  (Buzz/Buzzy)
JohnX Nicky
Vi-Sta Harmie
BNC Johnny
Morpheus Shaz
Dash Reps
Djchick (DJ) °ºÄngël­_öf_Äffëctïonº°  (AoA/Angel of Affection)
Matt in Black Phantom Knight
GlossyGemma AussieKat
Diablo Ice Mistress
Mariah/Girl KissKezza
__°Ès©apÉ°__'  (Escape) MRMR/Fordy
Louey Slitchy
Satan Sexy
Flaunt Heaven and Hell
ΰŋςẫġể∂Ǻľľצ    (Ally) Drew
Syren Templar_Crusader
MJ Leeta
Bella Error
Hammy Chick Marlborogirl
Pines Taz
Lesa Elven Bane
Queenie ƒòóbĩЄ   (Foobie)
Slimsy Insomniac
Mini Twilight Misty
Smookie Blue Bear
Satin (aka Lacey) Star Light
Bug Demoniser
Slleepy Trinity
PinkUnderwear Chokolatte
Contagious Grin Take Me Drunk I'm Home
Hipsta Lipsta Miss Messy
Punkeelove Colonel (aka CS)
Feverish Princess Mr Sleepy
Hayley Howdy
Tan  Tar Browny
¤º•Vïxÿ•º¤   (Vixy) p®õþhét¤Mãtrïx«  (Matrix)
٠Śαshα٠  (Sasha) ¤ЯзÐÐỡg¤™  (Reddog)
°ﻔﻘﺘÇђërǿkèéﺘﻘﻔ°  (Cherokee) §°SATAN°§  (Satan)
(Fatty Boomba Oompa)
¤«Vödkâ_£ëmôñ_äñd_£ïm껤 (Voddy)
Hyper Panties

The Hosts

MeDDusa_GFH Syren_GFH_
Nicky_GFH_ Charlee_GFH
Mr_Sleepy_GFH Harry_GFH
Amber_GFH Shadow_Lord_GFH
Matt_In_Black_GFH Lil_Angel_Sunny_GFH
Lil_Feral_GFH Diablo_GFH / Mel_GFH_
Dems_GFH Sweetboy_GFH1
Bohemian_Blessing_GFH Destiny_GFH
Blade_9msn / Blade_GFH_ / Blade GFH GracieLoo_GFH
Pegasus_9msn Chygao_GFH
Polgara_GFH Legolas_GFH

The Butterflies

Guide_AU_Pegasus Guide_AU_Casey
Guide_OC_amicus / Sysop_Mardi Guide_AU_Steven / Sysop_Steven
Sysop_Neo Sysop_Blade
Guide_OC_WizofOz Sysop_Webshark
Bot_Asteroid / Sysop_NineMSN Sysop_Daneel
Guide_Chygao Admin_Irobot / Admin_Patrol

Farewell Lounge, it was a good run...

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