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[Candidate Cities for Future Olympic Games] Updated!
A database of potential bidding cities for future Olympic Games, up to and including the 2024 Summer Olympic Games. Updated as information becomes available. 22kb

[GeoHoods @ Blade's Place]
A list of all the now defunct homestead Neighborhoods (Neighbourhoods) and Suburbs of Geocities. Now a memory to the Legacy of Geocities, cruelly shut down on 27 October 2009. 39kb

[Bladeagotchi @ Blade's Place - Virtual Pets]
Information and more on various virtual pets that I have owned/reviewed. Now including the ultra-rare 'My Family' pet, New Tamagotchi Plus, Connexion, Connection, Ketai, Akai and Hanerutchi, along with instructions for the original Giga Pets. 12kb

[Australian Second Level Domain Name System]
Explanation of the Australian Second Level (2LDs) Domain Name System, covering all 2LDs that are open (in use), closed or obsolete. 21kb

[Travel Security in Israel]
A guide for tourists on how to stay safe and travel effectively, explaining that the country is a safe and secure place for tourists. 21kb

[Should abortion be legalised in Queensland, Australia?]
Argumentative essay on the social issues and legislation on abortion in the state of Queensland, Australia. 33kb

[Ode to the Lounge Chat Room]
Honour Roll for those who chatted in the "Lounge", a former MSN / NineMSN chat room in the Australian General Forum. 18kb

[My Russian Keyboard Labels Saga]
I've bemoaned on my Support Us pages for years that I need Russian Keyboard Labels for my computer. So imagine my suprise when, out of the blue, I got an email from a company that they'll send me some for FREE! 11kb

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Which Matrix Character Are You? Quiz. I got Tank.


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